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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pacific NW Expeditions?
Pacific NW Expeditions, LLC is a sailing adventure company that offers sailing Expeditions in Alaska, BC, and Puget Sound. Captain Peter Frost provides professional U.S. Sailing instruction and sailboat yacht delivery assistance to skippers en-route. We offer instructional sailing expeditions on our 36′ Cape George Cutter, “Privateer.” Pacific NW Expeditions adheres to the highest maritime standards; Captain Frost holds a USCG Master 100-ton license and is a certified US Sailing instructor. Our website journals also serve as a resource for those seeking local knowledge of the Inside Passage to Alaska.

What waters does Pacific NW Expeditions sail?
–Vessel Delivery to all Pacific ports-of-call
–Extensive voyages on the Inside Passage from Washington to Alaska.
–Offshore passages to Hawaii
–East Coast to West Coast via Panama Canal

What types of sailboats does Pacific NW Expeditions deliver?
We typically deliver sailboats in the 27-55 foot range. Please note that we are a sailboat-only company and do not deal with power boats.  In 2011 Captain Frost and crew delivered the following well-found vessels:
Hallberg-Rassy 42, J-120, Valiant 40, Catalina 440, O’Day 27, Pacific Seacraft Flicka & Dana, Spencer 30, Falmouth Cutter 26, Gillmer Blue Moon 27, Cape George 31 & 36, Yamaha 26, Westsail 32

How long does a delivery take, and how much will it cost?
Duration of delivery depends on route and time of year. A price cap is agreed upon at the outset, so that there are no surprises. We do not charge additional days due to weather delays. Pacific NW Expeditions prides itself with a perfect safety record and 100% loyal clients! We will provide a reference contact list at your request.  Click here for a free quote and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

How do I insure my sailboat for delivery?
Captain Peter Frost’s name is placed on the owner’s insurance policy for the duration of the delivery as “other named insured” which protects all parties involved. It’s easy as placing a phone call with your vessel insurance carrier. Further instructions are given with our free quote and sailboat checklists for deliveries.

When’s the best time do an Expedition to Alaska?
Expeditions to and in Alaska on “Privateer” run from March 1-October 31 each year.  Expeditions range from 1-4 weeks, and intrepid voyagers may wish to extend their dream voyage to a month or more!  Contact Peter Frost at to schedule your expedition today. We are booking now for 2012.

What type of cuisine do you provide on your Expeditions?
Expedition chef and permanent first mate Kelsey Boesch cook wonderful, organic meals in the galley for the duration of the voyage. Pacific NW Expeditions provides all food and non-alcoholic drink, which is included in Expedition cost. We provide everything from meat for the carnivore to state-of-the-art vegetarian fare. It’s like a Christmas holiday, except better because you’re on a boat! We discuss meal preferences beforehand, and you arrive to a fully-stocked boat.

How long have you been growing your beard?
It’s practically a requirement for the job. Usually I whack it off once a year (it grows fast), because I really do hate shaving every day. I grew my first beard at age 15.